Jun 7–Jun 16, 2024

4,000 Dollars

a new play by Georgica Pettus


In 4,000 Dollars, one woman spends all of her money in one day. It’s the summer of 2024. Student loan forgiveness has been canceled. A latte costs $7. Cofinity—a bootleg New York State health insurance—considers an abortion “cosmetic” and therefore declines to cover it. Mary- Louise begins her day with 4,000 dollars and ends it 81 dollars and 68 cents in debt. As her bank account dwindles, she counts and recounts her losses. The downward spiral taking place in Mary-Louise’s mind is physically realized on the stage—which takes the physical form of a boxing ring.


Georgica Pettus (b.1997) is an artist working in performance and new media. She received a BA from Barnard College of Columbia University in 2020, and an MFA from Oxford University in 2022. Pettus lives and works in New York.