Feb 8–Feb 17, 2024

Car World

Quuarux: The Sex Ride

Car World is a growing social movement headquartered in Brooklyn, NY based on the belief that William Banks has lived on a planet in another dimension ruled by giant Worms. The organization (comprised of 509 Members globally) aims to gather 12 Apostles who will pledge their lives to helping William return home to Car World so that he can save the native species from a genocide orchestrated by Quuarux, his former wife and Worm Queen, thus bringing about a third Cartopia era.

Car World hosts public gatherings to recruit new members, the next of which is a multi-night residency at KAJE, running February 8 through February 17. There will be a museum archiving many of the artifacts of the movement, including blood-stained Supper books, a life-size Magwadi replica, and of course The Artifact born of William’s first public display of his healing powers, as well as paintings and artistic offerings made by the many Members of Car World Nation from around the globe.

The main attraction will be Quuarux: The Sex Ride—an interactive expedition simulating William Banks’ first experience having sex with (and ultimately impregnating) the alien Worm known as Quuarux, with the plump face and blonde hair of a beautiful woman. Similar to a 4D simulator one might encounter at an amusement park like Disney World, the ride immerses guests one-on-one into the spectacle of love that actually happened to William Banks on the fateful night of October 14, 2018. Riders will undergo his emotions in real time, just as they occurred: from confused to terrified to confused again, until the rider orgasms and the Worm slithers away. 

Submit yourself. Allow Quuarux to phase into your car and have their way with you. Who knows, maybe the Worm will fall in love… and maybe you will too. Performers and machines will manipulate your body, provoking all five of your senses, in this sci-non-fi / nonfantasy omnimedia adventure. F**k this Worm. Become William Banks.