Feb 9, 2020

Eve Essex & Lydia Okrent


La Kaje Presents

Eve Essex & Lydia Okrent
August 25, 2019

Off Site—
at 9 Herkimer Pl, Brooklyn NY 11216

along a yearlong lapse, day turned night hundreds of times over the BQE.. menacemakers maintained identity as itself, holding the precise yet indistinct target it required.. 

and this something seemed rare
( Persistence ) 

Was this not a collaboration, but rather discernment of roles within the targeting of an event?

In 2018, La Kaje initiated the meeting of two artistic practices on an expanse of roof. Eve Essex & Lydia Okrent issued scored and improvised movements to the prompt. Practicing for months in the heat that summer, developing relations, and was this not collaboration, but something else?

Forgetting to ask 'who's choreographing?' told she'd been provided prompts 'Running scores through the quadrants of the roof. 7 then 5 then 3. In the 3rd, add a little jump or something with every rotation.' She developed interpretation of the direction she'd commissioned to prompt her to dance. La Kaje was also named a choreographer in the work, again psyching out the ways generative force might be assigned, or assumed.

And under an umbrella, under the severity of that summer's sun, she performed with alto saxophone, piccolo, voice and electronics. These instruments provided a transmission of her sound, Ambient pop, as if limitless across space.
-----and was interrupted----- 

How are relations pursued and developed, and how negated? What is interruption?

The subject line 'continuing to menace' distilled some kind of truth to our seeking some kind of need: to test the information that laid and looped in that year's lapse. The project was given new parameters, and reset within the space of 9 Herkimer Pl. Recomposing focus around what had previously staggered formations, now encompassed perceptual distance, mirroring, language, and the dynamics of the work expanded.

Some staging became introduced.

He pulled a tangled mass of vines into the performance-space. A disco ball was also requested. More positions were sited and established, disagreed upon and continued resiting, positions, and the physical power of drone and voice, automatic interviewing choreographic outsourcing circuited, and Skylights let the light of day pass an imperceptible shift along the arc of the parameters and reset.

Eve Essex is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. She performs as a solo artist, fronting the 7-piece ensemble Eve Essex & The Fabulous Truth, and with avant-rock trio Das Audit. Primarily a woodwind player, she employs a wide instrumentation including saxophone, flutes, and voice, supported with live processing, beds of synthesizers, drum machine, and other sounds. Operating between songwriting, composition, and instrumental improvisation, her work harnesses elements of avant-jazz, classical, drone and distorted pop. Essex’s debut solo album, Here Appear, was jointly released by Soap Library (cassette) and Sky Walking (LP) in 2018. Other recordings have appeared on compilations by PAN, Sky Walking, Untergang Institut, and Wild Flesh Productions.

Lydia Okrent is an artist working in and around performance. As a performer she has worked with Moriah Evans, Tess Dworman, Mariana Valencia, Kim Brandt, MPA, Strauss Bourque LaFrance, among others. Her writing has accompanied the work of artists including Chris Domenick, Mary Manning, Gordon Hall, Ayano Elson, and Tony Bluestone.