Feb 3–Feb 12, 2023

Ignas Krunglevicius

a site specific audio installation
as part of Just About in the Round

Do you remember Twin Peaks, season 3, episode 8, when the Trinity nuclear test was depicted? After the camera zoomed into the mushroom cloud, the audience was finally introduced to the origin of Bob, where the antihero of the whole Twin Peaks saga was unleashed from the fires of the bomb. I like this little TV moment to function as a MacGuffin for us, a narrative onto which we can attach what will happen sonically at KAJE through Spawn.

We often recognize patterns in seemingly chaotic or nonsensical events, moments when we find meaning in the noise: Do you see faces in the clouds? This is an illusion, an apophenia – a brain glitch inherited from ancient times. But at the same time, I get a feeling that maybe there is something behind the mess. A kind of secret math. A god, or a possessive entity like Bob.

Tactile sonic rage is a prime component of the site specific installation that will take over the entirety of KAJE. Here I’ll be chasing the feeling of the ephemeral, that which happens right at the moment, in the space where the bodily senses are overloaded. Right when one can almost touch it.

- Ignas Krunglevicius