Jun 5, 2022


KAJE was formed in the space between two artists’ studios as a dedication to the intermingling of attitudes, imaginations, and artwork. Over time, KAJE operations have evolved to achieve greater autonomy as an outright entity, but our mission remains—to support creative impulses that are difficult to define, and in need of participatory testing grounds. KAJE seeks to invoke new styles of audienceship through nontraditional programming, and a spirit of spontaneity. Results range from dance to dinners, to books and their launches, and sculpture and drumming, research and meetings, and screenings and speaking and saxophone, indoor and outdoor moods, and language, et al.

Access to unconventional outlets within New York City continues to challenge artists, across disciplines. In a climate where the vast majority of exhibition making is market driven, we envision KAJE as a place to suspend belief, and develop experimental voices beyond the anxieties of that marketplace.

Connecting with one another through KAJE programming is a unique experience. While we focus intention on realizing these ever-evolving styles of artistic expression and assembly, we’re also always looking to our community for strength and support. Having now taken root in its new headquarters, KAJE is in a position to enhance its functionality and performance. We’ve got a vigorous year mapped out ahead of us. Your support—however big, or small—will empower its actualization.

Love Kate and Jacques