Mar 16–Apr 13, 2019

Tony Chrenka


The music is a playlist that | collected from a restaurant as we dined.

A playlist, rather than a soundtrack or a recording: its sequence reproduced for dinner there each evening. Rambling on, it persists all night, dispassionately garnishing the room from open until close. It is dribble, but it has moments of familiar tracks, and it provided some kind of placement for us as we ate and talked. The playlist lives here in perpetuity for the nights of our wait and kitchen staff, who | imagine have internalized its ebbs and flows, however consciously or unconsciously. Pressed against the walls of the restaurant; the staff eyes the exit.

In addition to the playlist from the restaurant, | am showing photographs and drawings on paper.

The photographs show the same shark suspended once, and then twice, shot from a distance looking in from the other side of thick glass.

Tony Chrenka (b.1992), lives in New York, NY. Recent solo exhibitions include Interim, Oakland, CA. (2017), and S1, Portland, OR (2014). Recent selected group shows include Hello Dust, Bergen, Norway (2018), Ben's Books, Brooklyn, New York (2017), Apples, Brooklyn, New York (2017), Peerless Boiler, Brooklyn, New York (2017), and invited as a visiting artist at Reed College, Portland, Oregon (2016).