Three Days

Voluminous Arts

February 11, 2023




Popping up at KAJE February 24 through 26, Three Days: A Voluminous Arts Festival is a weekend-long music and art festival centering trans artists experimenting with music and sound. Designed as a multisensorial experience where aural and visual components weave themselves through communal episodes, the festival provides a glimpse into the work Voluminous Arts’ artists have been developing during their research residency at KAJE from September 2022 to February 2023. Additionally, Three Days marks a new chapter of Voluminous Arts as the label moves into its third year, establishing it as a space to celebrate the connections between experimental music and the dancefloor. 

The festival is both exhibition and celebration. Since most research activities have not been open to the public, this event becomes an exhibition to showcase the work developed—while at the same time being a weekend-long party for the public and the artists involved. Here is what to expect:

DAY ONE: FEBRUARY 24 (7-11 PM) Noise Music Show featuring Anka Raczynska, Yvonne Lebien & Mercury Symbol.

DAY TWO: FEBRUARY 25 (3-10PM) — Screenings, Performances and Conversations featuring Marcy Angeles, Ris Gumpert, Yvonne Lebien, Cherry Nin and Rat Porridge & The Voluminous Arts Halloquium: A Trans and Queer-Led Conference on Nightlife.

DAY THREE: FEBRUARY 26 (1-10PM) — Dance Party featuring DJ sets by Scotia, p1nkstar, Theoretic, XANA 101, JOZ & COWBOYKILLER2001


Voluminous Arts is currently in residence at Brooklyn art space KAJE as part of their Research Residency Program. This residency provides creative organizations an opportunity to explore themes and concepts of interest to their mission without pressure on a defined result. For Voluminous Arts’ this residency was dedicated to providing transgender artists a space to explore creativity not hemmed in by genre categorization or the demands of legibility in the marketplace, as framed by Gavilán Rayna Russom’s essay “Werpos” that introduced it.


We will provide masks for any and all folks who need or want them. While we would love to provide on-site testing, the label does not currently have the financial resources to do so. Please test before coming and stay cozy at home if you test positive or do not feel well.

Stay tuned for further updates, we will be adjusting as needed if there are significant changes in Covid cases.

We are able to provide full accessibility to the ground floor space, where most events will be happening. Please email us at to let us know you’re coming so that we are prepared! The venue’s second story is accessed through a staircase and is not fully accessible.


Trans artists need spaces that foster and encourage liminality—because our experiences exceed binaries, and our creative practices do not always fit within the standard categories established by the creative industries. 

Most of us discover our transness through a series of experimental, creative and community processes. Experimental processes that do not align with the standard cisgender experience, and that are reflected in the work that we create. Through these experiments, we acquire knowledge on gender and what it is to be human in our societies—but we also discover new modalities on how to approach our creative practices. We are not scared to move between disciplines. We are not scared to create work that does not fit in the categories. Because that is what we have to do to become who we are. To live meaningfully and truthfully.

Three Days: A Voluminous Arts Festival has been designed to be a multimodal experience—where aural and visual components weave themselves through communal episodes. A space that invites interdisciplinary works which transcend categorical limitations. We aim to provide a space for artists to showcase, create and celebrate the work other institutions might deem too challenging. Work that speaks to our expansive experiences and to the ways we understand the world.

Trans people deserve more spaces to thrive—and on February 24 through 26, Three Days will be one.