Sep 3–Sep 16, 2023

Mok Chiu-yi & Li Ching, Simon Liu, Jennie MaryTai Liu, Ellen Pau, Wong Ping, Joshua Gen Solondz, Yan Wai Yin Winnie

Events as part of Let's Talk: Life As Usual (group screening organized by Simon Liu) + projector performance and live electronic music set between Simon Liu and Joshua Gen Solondz

The first performance, starting at 6:30pm on September 16th, is a site specific adaptation of Liu's 16mm expanded cinema performances, Highview and Harbour City (most recently performed in MoMA's Modern Mondays series), which will be elaborated upon to activate the architecture of the Let's Talk installation. Following the projector performance will be a collaboration between Simon Liu and Joshua Gen Solondz, featuring live electronic music and projections of repurposed images.  

Joshua Gen Solondz is an artist working in moving image, sound, and performance. He’s screened in a variety of festivals including Images, Toronto International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Onion City, Black Maria, Portland International, Milwaukee Underground, CAAMFest, San Diego Asian Film Festival, Chicago Underground, Locarno, Mar del Plata, FIC Valdivia, Viennale, and New York Film Festival. He's also shown at venues such as REDCAT, Light Industry, UnionDocs, Harvard Film Archive, MoMA, DINCA, NYU, Red Room, ATA, AGX, and Black Hole Cinematheque.

Featuring seven short films by Hong Kong artists spanning the last 45 years, Life as Usual surveys the often surreal and uncanny underbelly of life in the metropolis through gestures of disobedience, imaginary landscapes, and desires for an alternative future.  


Diversion by Ellen Pau - 6 min. / VHS / Hong Kong / 1990

Tugging Diary by Yan Wai Yin Winnie - 16 min. / HD / Hong Kong / 2021

Wong Ping’s Fables 2 by Wong Ping - 14 min. / HD / Hong Kong / 2019

For Some Reasons by Ellen Pau - 7 min. / MiniDV / Hong Kong / 2003

-force- by Jennie MaryTai Liu & Simon Liu - 9 min. / 16mm to HD / Hong Kong / 2020

Letter to the Young Intellectuals of Hong Kong by Mok Chiu-yi & Li Ching - 15 min. / 35mm Cinemascope  to SD / Hong Kong / 1978

Song of the Goddess by Ellen Pau - 7 min. / Umatic & Hi-8 / Hong Kong / 1992


Special thanks to Videotage HK, Timmy Chen, Chanel Kong, Eugenia Lai, and George Clark